Sexy Costumes in Plus Size?- Wake up!

Let me tell you girls, that’s what I said. How am I going to find a sexy costume in PLUS SIZE that will make all the guys want me at a corporate party? I want them to drool over me. Or at least compliment me with my sexy costume. It will make my day. Gosh, my moon.

Maybe I should tell my story. I’ve always been – let’s say – the “curvy” type of woman. Pretty (I’ve been told), but “curvy“. You know, like the girl on the television show – “Drop Dead Diva.” I’ve tried almost every diet ever sold, but I can’t lose weight. And match the sexy PLUS SIZE costume? As the boy in Jersey said –  “Forget it!”

Every year I’m invited to all these great costume parties – especially on Halloween. I would go to all these costume shops and see these women laughing and having fun trying on all these sexy costumes. What a fun time. Except, when I’m about to get to the shelves, there’s nothing in PLUS SIZE. Or if so, the options are LIMITED. What will I do? I definitely wouldn’t make a homemade costume.

I think the stories I tell are shared by many women. I know I’m not alone in this.

Well, this year I was not only invited to a Halloween party but also a masquerade! Mask party? Isn’t that only in movies? Anyway, now I need two costumes. What if the same few people were on both sides? I have my reputation to think about!

Like every year, I hit the pavement to wear the perfect outfit. Not only am I nervous to even find a sexy costume, but I don’t even know what kind of costume I want to wear. I know one thing, it has to be sexy. I’m thinking maybe Cleopatra or a French maid costume.. There’s always a sexy vixen pirate costume. Then again, I thought policewoman costumes might be good, or the ever-popular nympho-nurse costume. The options are endless. At least in my mind.

This year I don’t want my legs to be tired and my ego to be bruised, like in previous years. That’s when it occurred to me to check the internet. duh! But, I have never shopped through the internet. Long story short, I went to my computer and was super excited to discover a whole world of plus-size costumes. The choices seem endless. I even found a sexy naughty costume for the after-party. Hey, you never know. woman right? We “curvy” women have to be naughty too! Plus size has come in anyway. Didn’t you hear? Check out the article below from glamour and you’ll see what I mean. I am so excited to read it.

Glamorous ‘plus size’ nude model

Well, that’s my story for now ladies. I’m ready for costume parties and masquerade parties. My message to you is, don’t worry about buying your sexy plus-size costume on the internet. There are many options. You will be glad you did.

Until next time, have fun at your party.

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